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A Building (Energy) Management System or BeMS is considered to be the focal point of any building that architechs and designers consider to be "intelligent". In principle the more items of a building you can connect or "intergrate" between, the more intelligent the building. With our preferred controls provider, Priva Building Intelligence Ltd. We can offer control of virtually all services a building contains, including the following:


- Heating, Vent, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

- Fire and Security

- Access Control

- Lighting Control

- Energy Metering

- Zonal Climate Control

- Gas/CO2 Monitoring


Usually colating all these different services and viewing all their information could cause a complicated, hard to understand front end but with Priva's top end computer software and our engineers going through all the data these services are presented in a visually pleasing, simple way, making not only your building efficent but your workforce too!


A BeMS working at its optimum has been quoted at saving roughly 25% of a buildings energy, with a pay back, dependant on results between 12-60 months. With a BeMS system at 5 years old still in its infancy, by regularlly maintaining it, your building will actually start to pay back.

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